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divine fortune netent jackpot

Spinson player hits the jackpot

Spinson Casino – Jackpotwinner On Netent Slot! Lucky punter turns €4 wager into €90,000 win on NetEnt’s Divine Fortune slot  Champagne corks are popping at exciting online casino operator,, after...

Lucky8 Casino Bonus

Lucky8 Casino Bonus Lucky8’s Casino welcome bonus just got even better! The new online casino Lucky8 has now supercharged their welcome bonus with two special bonus offers!At Lucky 8, they...

Betzest Says Yes To We Are Casino

Betzest forms partnership with We Are Casino Malta, November 09 2017, the new highly anticipated sports betting/casino operator Betzest just agreed on a cooperation with We Are Casino. As part...

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Vegas Casino – The Casino of the year! the best online casino bonus terms – Bonus on all deposits with no wagering requirements! This is guaranteed the best online casino offer you will find – Only at

Vegas Casino has all the famous NetEnt Games along with a bunch of other like; Play’n’Go, Vivo, Betsoft Gaming, Yggdrassil Gaming, And many more! games

Incredible Casino Bonus

Vegas online Casino – incredible bonus offers, their members can enjoy wager free casino bonuses on every deposit! You will also earn your VIP membership which gives you up to 30% Wager free Bonus on all your deposits!And it does not end there.. On Wednesdays, during 17:00-19:00 CET earns you a special 30% Bonus up to €250! All wager free! No wagering requirements whatsoever!

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Triana Iglesias – Vegas Casino’s ambassador – A casino With no wagering requirements & Wager free bonuses on every deposit!

You’ve probably seen Triana on television or on the internet somewhere? Triana is a though and honest lady whos not accepting bullshit – just like Vegas Casino – You’ll get 100% up to 250 Euros on your first deposit and it does not stop there, They are also giving you 100% Bonus Every single day! With NO wagering requirements!


If you’ve seen Paradie Hotel . The Norwegian version you, then you probably remember her as the host of that show.Shes been modeling for some of the biggest magazines in the world, below you can read about some of them.

Triana has been used as a model for the cover of FHM , ICE Magazine, People magazine , Esquire , Maxim , as well as appearances in Playboy and in the Greek , Polish , French , American and Spanish edition of Playboy.She has also been modeling for several other magazines.

vegas casino HD

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Claim free spins

Lots of casinos offer free spins keeping in mind the rules of the game that you may be playing. That said, some casinos give their regulars and new players free spins to entice them to make their first deposit or play at their casino. At, you will find a list of the best online casinos that offer free spins, either in their games or as a bonus for signing up or depositing your first amount. All a player has to do at this point is select their favourite casino, choose their favourite online casino slot game and start playing.

It is important to note that even if CasinoBerry allows you to see what casinos offer free bonus spins and claim them, most of the bonuses are governed by a game’s or particular casino’s terms and conditions. Therefore, it is always prudent to first view the website or game you would like to play to see if the free spins they offer have some conditions tied to them. Most casinos and games will give you your free bonus spins when you deposit an amount or when you register as a new player or still, within the game itself as you play.

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Discuss anything related to casino

One of the biggest questions that most players ask is, how do I find out about new games, casinos and the best places to win large? Well, CasinoBerry has the answers. From our huge list of websites that offer bonuses and free spins to our forums, players get update information on where it is happening.

At CasinoBerry we encourage players to share among themselves so that we can all benefit from a thriving and interwoven gaming community and environment. Any piece of information is always welcome as players are always on the lookout for what’s new, trendy and what works best for other players. Regardless of whether you are new or a regular, other players appreciate players who share this information. We also encourage players to venture out and try new casinos and games for themselves in addition to playing on those that we hold in high regard listed on our website.

Knowledge & opinions about casino

Finding the best casino to play at can be daunting. There are so many casinos out there that a lot of new players usually have a hard time finding one that works best for them. If this is you, do not despair, there are lots of online resources, like CasinoBerry, to help you out with that.

When looking for an online casino, it is best, first of all, to find out what games and slots you love. Finding a casino and then realizing it does not offer the online slots you love playing is a waste of time. To do this, you can go looking on the internet, or you could just visit CasinoBerry. We have a vast resource of casinos, online slot games as well as enticing offers and bonuses from all casinos that we network with. If you have a hard time deciding, we also have a vibrant community of players on our forums always looking to help.

Casino on mobile and tablet

Technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade or so. Players who love playing casino games can now rejoice in the fact that most casinos, including CasinoBerry, now allow players to play on their tablets and mobile phones or at least point them in the right direction as to what websites do.

Before getting started, though, one has to ensure that they have a compatible device. As you may know, most online casinos offer their games and slots on their websites as well as on mobile apps. If you prefer playing on the browser, all you have to do is have a stable internet connection and a computer that can handle heavy graphics. Many casino games also have music and sound that enhance the gameplay, so a good headset or earphones can also come in handy. At CasinoBerry, you need a good internet connection and of course a compatible browser to access the bonuses, free spins, casinos and games listed on there.

Those looking to play on mobile phones have to ensure that their phones can also handle graphics. Another option would be to download a particular casino’s mobile application. Most of the casinos listed on CasinoBerry do have mobile apps for both Android and iPhone and so if you love playing on a mobile device or a tablet, you are in luck. After you download the app, it is only a matter of registering or logging in and having a stable internet connection. Do note that bonuses and free spins offered for new registrations also apply for signups on mobile phones and tablets.

 Play online slots for free

Every player wants to test run games before playing. This is to find out if they like the game and its odds before investing their money in the game. This is understandable, and at, you will find a list of websites that allow you to play online slots for free. Most of the websites and online casinos that do this offer their games for free without registration. This is done so that you do not have to feel obliged to give out your personal details such as your email address before deciding if the games you are playing are worth investing in.

All of that said, though, it is important to note that there are two main ways to play online casino slots for free. One of them is playing on affiliate websites that offer casinos games without asking you to register. These websites do not usually have a selection of games that is as diverse as that available on the parent websites of these online slot games. The second option is when you win free spins. A player could benefit from the free spins offered by the websites listed on CasinoBerry or from spins they win when playing a particular game.

Information about online slots

One of the biggest fears that people have when they play on any websites listed on CasinoBerry is that the games might not be fair or they are going to lose their money. All our partner websites are secured using the highest grade online security possible to ensures that no player has any undue advantage. In addition, we ensure that all our partners collaborate closely with their software providers to ensures that their games and slots are secure and fair for all. We also ensure that all these websites abide by the rules of the gaming commissions in their parent countries.

Before listing any website on CasinoBerry, we do due diligence to ensure that everything is above board. We want all visitors to have the peace of mind in the knowledge that we have their best intentions at heart. In addition to vetting the websites themselves, we also ensure their free spins, deposit bonuses, as well as all other bonuses, are up to date and real. We take very special care that none of our players are duped, and that’s why we take all these measures on your behalf. That said, some bonuses and offers do last for very short periods of time so take advantage of them before they disappear.

 Play live casino online

Fewer things are more exciting to most casino players than having the ability to play their favourite casino games online. But how do you select the best platform to play at? Despite the fact that CasinoBerry lists lots of websites that we consider as some of the best in terms of their bonuses and benefits, a player still has to go out of their way to select a favourite platform. Perhaps the best way to judge such a platform is with the array of games that they offer. Online casinos offer different games with the games varying across online casinos.

In addition to the above, a player can check to see if the websites they have been directed to from offers their favorite slot games on the platforms they love to play on. For example, some players like playing on a desktop while others like to play on their phones and tablets while on they go. We could say they love the convenience of a portable casino. Lastly, it is imperative that the casino you select pays your winnings on platforms that are convenient for you. There is no need of playing and winning and not receiving your winnings easily and conveniently.

Roulette online

Roulette, a fan favorite, can be played both on physical casinos and on online casinos. That said, there are lots of casinos that offer this fan favorite with most of them listed on CasinoBerry. It may not be obvious that a casino offers roulette online, so the best way to find out is to visit the actual website and have a look for yourself. Remember that there are bonuses and free spins associated with roulette that are available on our websites so be sure to take advantage of those. It is also true that there are various forms of online roulette available.

Practice, in this case, does make perfect and in the case of online roulette, this is true. Practicing and participating in various forms of roulette will not only make you a better player, but it will also increase your chances of increasing your winnings. Apart from being a better player, the free spins that various websites offer on CasinoBerry can also come in handy in pushing you to the echelons of mega-winners. If you feel that you are not as good as you would like to be, our forum has lots of members who can help you with your online roulette skills.

Blackjack online

Blackjack is one of the most diverse casino games there is. Various countries and regions of the world have their own forms of this popular game. That said, and as with roulette, practice can make you a better player. Taking advantage of the bonuses listed on CasinoBerry can also give you extra chances to win a jackpot so be sure to always be on the lookout for those. Those who love to play blackjack online will also be happy to know that most of the websites that we have listed on our websites do allow players to play on their mobile phones and tablets.

This is of particular interest because blackjack is tactile game. The players want to have the feel and look of a real casino blackjack game no matter the platform they choose to play at. To find the best platform that works for you, we advise that you look at the websites listed on CasinoBerry that host blackjack games. Those who love other varieties of this popular online casino game will also be happy to know that most of our partner websites offer these varieties. Those feeling a little bit competitive can also go on our forums to find players to challenge.

How do you rate

CasinoBerry is truly a leader when it comes to providing accurate bonus and free spins information. You get a whole bunch of websites that offer all of these benefits to their players. We keep this list updated to ensures you always get accurate information whenever you want to take advantage of these bonuses and other promotions. In addition, we also have a vibrant community of players who are always looking to compete, advise and help other players in addition to bragging about their winnings. Therefore, if you are looking for an all-in-one online casino website, our website is definitely it.

Casino guide

In this casino guide you find all information about diffrent type of slots, rtp, bonuses, jackpots and much more.
While other casino games struggle to find a loyal and energized audience online, casino slots have managed to stake its claim as one of the most popular and entertaining gaming options.

In one Consumer Survey result by Super Data Research covering US-based players, roughly 22 percent of those surveyed admitted to playing slots in the last 6 months (2011). Although the figure refers to US players, one can say that, indeed, casino slots are popular entertainment options among casino regulars and enthusiasts.

If you happen to check out the offerings of regular casinos, bookmakers and even bingo sites, all these carry a huge selection of casino slots thanks to its instant win features, cool sound effects, graphics and themes, and of course, massive prizes.

Different Forms and Types of Slots Available

One reason for the slots popularity is variety- you’ll find different types of slots designed with different themes and promotions. The slots games available online may differ in the number of reels, game types, and based on the types of prizes offered.

  • Number of Reels

For many players and enthusiasts, slots games are defined by the number of reels. These are the spinning symbols that you see on the machines. In the traditional slot machines in brick-and-mortar casinos, the reels usually refer to the metallic large hoops that spin.

Through the years, the ‘spinning of the metallic reels’ have been used for show, and in most slots, these metallic reels have been replaced by video screens. Some of the leading slots available online feature 3- to 7-reels, with the 3-reel slots considered as the most basic with fewer animations.

However, if you are looking for massive entertainment with great potential for superb animations and features, then the 7-reel slots are highly recommended. To present a game that is not too complicated, most 7-reel slots will offer free spins and multipliers instead of being loaded with animation and videos.

  • Game Types

If you are new to casino and slots gaming, you’ll find the slots options distracting yet hugely entertaining. Aside from the number of slots, you will be faced with different game types, each with specific features and benefits.

The popular game types include classic slots, video slots, fruit machines, pokies, and 3D slots. Classic slots are the original and most of these are inspired by Las Vegas slots. Classic slots are simple and delivered without a lot of animation and fanfare, and are great for new players.

Another game type is the video slot – slot games that are usually designed and inspired by hit movies and TV programs. Some of the leading software gaming manufacturers, such as IGT and Net Entertainment, partner with studios to license some movies to be used as inspiration for slots games.

A variation of slots is called the fruit machines; these are popular among bars and pubs in the United Kingdom. Fruit machines feature lesser jackpots and yes, these machines use fruits for its symbols. For those looking for realistic game play, then the 3D slots should work. These games are usually theme-based and rely on sharp 3D graphics.

  • Types of Prizes Offered

Slots games may also differ depending on how the games are configured to offer prizes and bonuses. There are at least three categories of slots available – normal, bonus, and progressive. In normal slots, the game will just pay out the standard winnings based on the winning combination of symbols. Bonus slots, on the other hand, will feature bonuses that can be triggered when certain symbols show on the reels. In most slots games, the bonus rounds will reward the players with free spins, for example free 10 spins. In some games, the bonus round will provide the player with a chance to win a mystery prize.

Finally, there’s the progressive jackpot that will appeal to players and casino regulars looking for massive jackpots. In the progressive arrangement, the jackpot will continue to increase until such time as a player manages to win it.

Know Your Casino Slots before Playing

Although slots are easy to play with no complicated rules to follow, it is still important to know the game first and understand a few of its features. Aside from knowing the theme or number of reels, you should also know the odds, as well as the available bonus rounds and jackpots. You want to maximize every penny and dollar you will spend in playing casino slots.

One important piece of information that should be considered when choosing and playing a slots game is the odds. Keep in mind that running a slots game is business, thus the operator will strive to earn even if you are also trying to earn jackpots and bonuses.

This is called the house edge in the casino gaming environment. The odds or the house edge will vary depending on the slots game or the casino, but usually the Return to Player or RTP ranges from 94 to 97 percent. In casino and slots environment, the RTP is important information to know if you want to be informed about the slots that you want to play. The RTP refers to the percentage of all money wagered on the casino slots that will paid back to the players. For example, if you decide to wager one hundred 2 coin bets on the slots where the RTP is pegged at 90 percent, then you might collect 180 coins in winnings. In short, the RTP is just the opposite of the house advantage. Established and regular players normally pay attention to the house edge and the RTP.

Different rewards

It also helps if you know the kind of prizes, bonus rounds, and jackpots offered by the casino slots. Bonus rounds are common among slots games, and these are given by game designers to attract more players to try the games. To get into the bonus round of the game, a player must get or trigger a set of ‘Scatters’ on specified reels.

The most common prize given in the bonus round is a set of free spins. These free spins can be used to play more spins and games without making another set of wagers. Another variation of the bonus round is called the spinning bonus game. If a player receives this unique bonus round, he will be given a chance to set a colourful wheel in motion. The wheel is divided into a number of segments and each segment represents a specific prize, such as free spins or a special prize.

Tested and Recommended Casino Slot Tips to Remember Before Playing

While the game of slots is easy to play and highly entertaining, it isn’t recommended that you jump into the first few slots that are presented to you by a website. Just like other classic and entertaining casino games, it is highly recommended to remember a few tips and follow a strategy when playing.

Here are some casino slots strategies and tips that you can consider on your next visit to your preferred casino:

  • Always consider a free play or free demo of the game

Almost all casino slots available online offer free or a fun demo before the actual money game. It’s always recommended to test the game, and play in the free mode before wagering. This approach will allow you to understand the game, the bonuses, and features of the casino slots. In addition, by playing the free demo, you will instantly know if you will connect with the game.

  • Set a limit when playing casino slots

Remember playing casino slots and other casino games is just for entertainment and a diversion from the usual demands of work and family life. Since playing casino slots is just for entertainment, it is best to set a limit when playing. You can set a few hours every weekend to play casino slots and set an amount that you are willing to spend on that day. For example, you can set 100 coins as your initial bankroll and you should stick to it whether you are losing or winning.

  • Try progressive slots

Classic and 3D slots are popular online thanks to the simplicity of the game and the use of exciting and Hollywood themes especially for 3D slots. If you want the best entertainment and you love Hollywood movies, and then consider the 3D slots.

These casino slots are known for amazing graphics, sound, and a few scenes taken from the movies. However, if you want a chance to win massive jackpots that can reach more than a million dollars, consider playing progressive slots. Progressive slots are known to offer the best jackpots in the industry and are usually offered by top casino software suppliers. Some of the well-known suppliers that offer progressive slots in the market are Net Entertainment, Microgaming, IGT, and Bet Soft.

Casino slots remain highly exciting and popular casino games. When you are looking for an instant entertainment fix, consider what casino slots can offer you. Make sure to play responsibly and choose the best casino slots titles for the best results.